Walker and Haley Schurz are Directors of Rhema Bible Training Center Zambia and have ministered in Southern Africa since 1992. They are both graduates of Oral Roberts University and Rhema Bible Training Center (USA). Pastors Walker and Haley had the privilege to be trained at Rhema by both Pastor Kenneth W. Hagin and his father Kenneth E. Hagin.

Barry & Brenda Mitchell have been living in Tallinn, Estonia since 1992, where they are pastoring a church and ministering the Word of God through various outreaches.

Fred and Judy live in Austria and pastor one of the largest "free" churches in the nation. They are also the directors of Rhema Austria; a Bible Training Center that has trained hundreds of men and women for the work of the ministry. It is their vision to fill Austria with the knowledge of God's glory.

Changing the French-speaking World through the word of God.
"Bringing Rhema Bible Training Center to the French-speaking world"
"Translating and printing teaching books into the French language"
"Pioneering new and encouraging existing local churches in the French-speaking nations of the world"

Kevin and Anne Durant are a dynamic team of communicators who unite God's unchanging truth with the unique experience of His presence. It's their passion to see people connect with the Word of God in practical, real life situations so that they experience God Himself in their everyday lives.

In 1981, Larry and Liz moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to follow the call to ministry God had placed on their lives. After attending and graduating from Rhema Bible College, they launched their own ministry in 1984. Brother Larry has become widely known for his clear and simple instruction of the Word of God, whether through live teaching, or his many books and teaching series.

A Better Way Ministries, Inc. is a place of refuge for men struggling with life controlling issues such as drug and alcohol addictions. A Better Way Ministries is not simply a rehab facility, we are a discipleship program. We are passionate about guiding our students to become fully transformed men of God, leaving destructive life patterns behind.

The Dahms are called of God to bring the Gospel to the Romanian people. Both Max and Becky are graduates of Rhema Bible Training Center U.S.A. and ordained ministers with Rhema Bible Church. After graduating from Rhema, the Dahms knew that they would someday be missionaries in Europe. 


Pastor Mauro & Connie have established two churches, oversee two Bible Schools, train leaders & pastors, have translated & printed forty books in Italian.  Furthermore, they hold conferences & pastors' seminars, feed & clothe the needy and oversee a prison ministry.

John Davis discovered his divine destiny, the moment he stepped into a prison to minister God's Word. Freedom's Way has had the privilege of entering into young boy prisons, into women's prisons and men's prisons all across Georgia.  At least 20 times a month, Brother John, his son Kevin and their Holy Ghost team minister to inmates and see lives transformed by the message of God's freedom.

Grunewald Ministires, Inc.'s primary vision is to develop RHEMA Bible Training Centers in Europe. Almost 30 years ago God put Europe in their heart nd today there are more than 25 campus locations in Europe with  more opening every year.  Right now there are campuses in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece and more to come. 

Keith Moore is the founder and president of Moore Life Ministries and Faith Life Church located in Branson, Missouri. Two of the greatest emphases of Brother Moore's ministry are the importance of the written Word and the necessity of being led by the Spirit.

Mark and Trina Hankins travel nationally and internationally preaching the Word of God with the power of the Holy Spirit. The vision of MHM is to take the spirit of faith, the message of who the believer is in Christ, and the work of the Holy Spirit to every generation and to every nation. Mark and Trina Hankins have been in full-time ministry for over thirty years. Through church services, leadership conferences, mission trips, publications, radio, television, Bible schools, and the internet, MHM is reaching the world with the Word of God. Mark is known widely for his unique anointing to minister on the subjects of faith and the believer’s identification in Christ. Together with our Partners In Christ, MHM is touching the world!

Steven and Sharmin Fischer, founders of Fischer Family Ministries, have been ministering, along with their whole family, in Hong Kong, China, and Asia for the last eight years, through Bible schools and leadership training seminars. They are renowned for helping people to grow spiritually through clear, practical teaching of God’s Word, demonstrations of the Holy Spirit, and a genuine love for people. In December, 2007, they planted Faith Family Christian Church in Hong Kong, China.

Tony Cooke Ministries is focused on strengthening churches and leaders across the country and around the world.

Whether you’re talking about Kenneth Hagin Ministries (a worldwide ministry)—it’s all RHEMA.

Whether you’re talking about RHEMA Bible Training Center (a ministerial training center with more than 24,000 graduates and 14 schools worldwide) or Faith Library Publications (a leader in the charismatic book market with more than 216 books in print)—it’s all RHEMA.

信  仰  的  精  神
The Spirit of Faith

Dale Durant Ministries has moved their ministry and family into mainland China.  They are working underground to help build new churches and spread the Gospel to those behind the “Bamboo Curtain”. Several years ago Dale and Glow Durant moved their then young daughter and son into Hong Kong to begin to reach into mainland China. Seeing such a great need, a few years ago they actually moved their whole family underground into China.