Gracepointe Kids! is our specially designed children’s ministry that we provide for children from birth through 7th grade.  We combine high energy activities with creative and modern teaching methods that are designed to educate your child on how fun it is to serve the Lord and how to follow His plan for their life. 

Every Sunday and Wednesday we are teaching them  how to have a relationship with Jesus, how to walk by faith, how to worship, how to pray, and hear God's voice.  

Kristy Corkill is our creative children’s minister.  Her loving team is committed to helping your child grow and be excited about serving Jesus all the days of their life!

To find out more information about joining our Gracepointe Kids Ministry Team click here!


 “ALTAR-ED” youth group is one of the most exciting youth groups in Peachtree City! They meet every Wednesday night at 7.00pm and also Sunday mornings at 9:30am, with special events all throughout the year

Our Youth Pastor Kevin and his wife Tiffany bring an exciting relevant message to the teens each week.  They have created a great atmosphere for our “Altar-ed Youth” to grow. Our teens not only have a relationship with Jesus Christ, but help bring their friends to Christ as well.

Our teen center provides a safe haven for the youth of Gracepointe Church. It gives them opportunities to have even greater experiences with God and fellowship with other Christian teens so they can be a positive influence on each other for Christ.

Relevant. Passionate. Authentic. Wear your jeans, bring a friend and be refreshed. Once a month a mix of young people just like you, gather to start the month off right, get refreshed and make genuine friendships! Maybe you're not sure about this whole "church thing," but you're willing to give it a try. Maybe life is going great, but you feel like there is something more. Maybe you're searching for purpose in life or you just want some new friends. Whatever it may be, we invite you to take this journey with us. The atmosphere is relaxed, the music is heartfelt, the message is relevant and the people are authentic.

Join our iConnect group on Sunday morning in the hospitality room for a more intimate, in depth look at some very real life issues, and how to let God help you be victorious. See you there!

Men of Honor

The Vision of Gracepointe Church ’s Men of Honor is to help develop men of influence, integrity, honor, faith, commitment, purpose and power that will demonstrate the love of Christ toward their family, friends, church, community and the nations.

The Mission for Men of Honor is based upon Proverbs 27:17 that states: As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”


THRIVE.  It means to grow, develop, flourish-to be fortunate and successful.  It’s the kind of life we all want. One that impacts the world and turns us into the BEST version of ourselves.  There’s a way to experience that kind of life- Jesus said that He came to bring us life, and life to the fullest!  That is exactly what the women here at Gracepointe Church can expect!  Come and be apart each month as we strive to THRIVE!

iConnect Sunday Small Groups

Come every Sunday morning at 9:30 A.M. and connect with God, and connect with great new friends.  Whether you are reading through a book study together or sharing a common interest, we know that being connected in a group will help make the Gracepointe family feel like your church! Contact us for more information.

Life Skills

This class will be comprised of variety of topics, lead by various teachers and coordinated by Greg & Jill Orr. Topics such as personal finances, marriage, parenting, leadership skills, family issues, communications, etc. A blend of the Word and practical teachings that covers about anything life could throw your way. This class meets every Sunday morning in the prayer room next to the cafe'. Enjoyed by adults from ages 40 and up. Contact us for more information.

Breakout Group

This group challenges you to breakout of your comfort zone and ignite your area's of influence with the power of God. Join Tim and Kristy Corkill as they lead the discussion each week. This class meets in the back of the Sanctuary. Whether you are single or married, come breakout with us. Contact us for more information.

Altar-ed Youth iConnect

The Altar-ed youth is for teens in 8th grade thru 12th grade. Your teen will have the opportunity to explore bible truths and learn how to apply them to their everyday lives. Our Youth Pastors, Kevin & Tiffany Davis love the opportunity to build up an empower your youth for lasting success.  The Altar-ed Youth room is located on the left before entering the main sanctuary. Contact us for more information.

Gracepointe Kids iConnect

Kids in 1st grade thru 7th grade won't want to miss this small group time to dive into God's Word.  The Gracepointe Kids Ministry team creates a fun and safe environment for your child to build upon the foundation of biblical principles. They will also have the opportunity to create long lasting friendships!  This class is located directly across from Children's Check-In counter. Contact us for more information.

Gracepointe Preschool iConnect

We endeavor to create an exciting program for your preschooler age 3-6 years old.  They will grow in the fundamentals of who our heavenly Father is, and know that they are loved!   They are located off the main foyer before entering the sanctuary. Contact us for more information.

Gracepointe Nursery/Toddler iConnect:

Our Nursery/Toddler class introduces your precious little ones to who God is. Even at their age, they learn to love God's Word and sing praises to Him. You can find their room located off the Gracepointe Cafe. Contact us for more information.

iConnect Home Groups

Friday Home Fellowship

This group is lead by Rick & Susan Myerscough.  One Friday a month they get together and enjoy a bible study and a meal. Contact us for more information.

OASIS Ministry

Our OASIS Ministry is an exciting opportunity for all of our Seniors at Gracepointe. The name stands for Older Adults Still In Service. Emily Burrows and Rick Myerscough are our leaders for this group. They enjoy meals together, activities together and reaching out to the younger generation.

Join us for praise and worship every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. for a time of refreshing before the morning message and at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings.

The Gracepointe Worship Team is led by our own Pastor Cindy Black and the Gracepointe Praise Band, you will be blessed and refreshed as you enter into praise and worship in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

If you'd like to enjoy Pastors Bruce and Cindy's music and ministry at home, check out their website and pick up some music CDs and Pastor Bruce's book on prayer at